Provides comprehensive Architectural Design services for Commercial, Outpatient
Healthcare and Residential Projects 

We offer customized proposals and service packages tailored to each client's specific requirements

To ensure that we provide the best possible service, we begin with an introductory client meeting that is free of charge. This meeting helps us understand your needs and objectives, and enables us to provide an accurate cost proposal.

We do it for you

Our team is dedicated to creating beautiful, functional spaces that enhance the end users experience and add value to your property.

Spatial problem solving via design.

At Rooted Architecture Studio PLLC, we believe that architecture is personal and should reflect the culture and personas of the people who inhabit it. That's why we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and wants, and create spaces that are more than just aesthetically pleasing, but have meaning and purpose



We understand that every

project is unique.


Team work

Our architectural studio aims to provide exceptional design and project management services to clients through a multidisciplinary approach that involves collaborating with engineers and surveyors, as needed.

When required we integrate their expertise into our design process to ensure that every aspect of the project is carefully considered and executed, from compliance with building codes and alignment with environmental factors.

Our collaboration with consultants enables us to offer clients a comprehensive range of services that meet their unique requirements, resulting in high-quality, cost-effective, and timely solutions.



We start with a 30min. exploratory call to see if we are fit to work together. 


We schedule a 60min. in-person meeting to see existing conditions and discuss scope of architectural services.


We provide the proposal and client agreement and, if requested, schedule a 30min. Call to review.


When signed and approved, initial invoice is issued, existing conditions survey is scheduled and estimated scheduled is provided.

Rooted Architecture Studio's
Architectural Services Packages

* Note that for ALL projects we will ask to come and take photos of the completed construction project for our portfolio

*Any additional services beyond what is listed in the package will be charged at an hourly basis, unless added as an A La Carte Item prior to initial proposal, or a formal Amendment is created with a defined added scope.

* Items from the A La Carte List can be added to each package as an Additional Service

A La Carte / Additional Services

  • Standard Permitting Process (Add-On to Standard Package)
  • Feasibility Study Report (Site & Zoning Analysis)
  • Feasibility Site Plan & 3D Massing Scheme
  • Programming (Pre-Schematic Design)
  • Basic Landscape Design
  • Furniture and Equipment Coordination
  • Site Design/Master Planning
  • Renderings
  • Planning/Zoning/Architectural Board Application and Hearings
  • Additional Planning/Zoning/Architectural Hearing Appearances
  • Bidding & Negotiation Process
  • Construction Administration
  • Revisions to Construction Documents Post-Issuance for Bidding/Permitting

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