Kern Two-Family Residence

The facade was redesigned -Rooted Architecture Studio - Katherine Serrano
Laborde Residence
February 2, 2023

The Kern Two-Family Residence had a fire due to a lighting storm that required a full gut interior demolition and roof replacement. This is a rental property and the owner does not live on site. After the relocation of the existing tenants post fire and demolition of the interior. We were able to assess the damages and create a plan on how to renovate within the insurance allowed budget. We kept the same overall layout of all floors, and we provided new insulation, new windows, and sheetrock throughout. The main rooms that were altered were the kitchen and bathrooms. The owner was the general contractor on the job and hired subcontractors for most of the larger scope. Both sides of the home are identical and we made sure that the central separating wall was a fire rated wall this time around to meet code and for protection. All the electrical was changed and brought to code, as well.