With over nine years of work experience, we have worked on various types of projects at various scales.

Rooted Architecture Studio PLLC is a bilingual (English & Spanish), architectural and design studio.

Helping set roots and expanding connections via architectural spaces. 

Our Purpose 

Our purpose is to ease construction worries through customized, perceptive solutions for clients' spatial needs. Our aim is to enlighten and empower, unraveling the mysteries of an architect's role, construction procedures, and regulations. 

Architecture Studio

Our proposals and service packages are customized to the client’s needs. An introductory Client Meeting is free of charge prior to providing a Cost Proposal.

Our Mission

Rooted Architecture Studio serves homeowners, investors, healthcare providers, and small business owners by crafting meaningful, inclusive spatial design solutions.

As a bilingual firm, we cater to clients' needs, fostering connections and expanding roots. We're dedicated to delivering authentic, client-centric designs while nurturing a deeper understanding of the design and construction process.